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E. Michael Thomas, Attorney at Law

E. Michael Thomas offers legal representation in environmental and Superfund matters, allocation consultant, mediation and expert witness services concerning liability allocation in hazardous waste matters, and representation in zoning, real estate and land use on a national, state and local basis.

Environmental and Superfund Representation

Assist clients and PRP groups in developing and negotiating favorable allocations and settlements of liability in CERCLA cleanup cases; Serve as mediator, third party neutral, allocation consultant and expert witness.

 • Enviromental and Superfund Representation Highlights

Superfund Allocation Consultant & Expert Witness

Assist in development of complex allocation positions including Lower Passaic River Study Area site, Lower Fox River PCB site, lead smelter and transport litigation, numerous successor landowner matters, landfill sites, recycling sites, airports and circumstances involving alleged damages due to air emissions.

Practice Highlights: Allocation Consultant and Mediator
Practice Highlights:  Expert Witness Services
Statement of Qualifications: Superfund Allocation Consultant, Mediator & Expert Witness

Zoning, Land Use & Real Estate

Advice and representation before local governmental boards concerning permitting, zoning, wetlands, conservation commission and planning board review matters; Counseling and representation in residential and commercial real estate transactions; closings, leases, purchase & sale agreements, affordable housing, and development issues; Represent individuals, condominium associations, and citizen groups before conservation commissions, planning boards and zoning boards concerning development proposals, permitting decisions.

Practice Highlights: Zoning, Land Use and Real Estate

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